The COVID-19 Pandemic brought the opportunity to grow and think, to evolve and appreciate,
to take the time and conjure up the guts to start The Idaho Film Company.
What the shut down also brought was contemplation and a call to action. So with that, and as we strolled the shores and walked the roads of Sandpoint, what we found disturbing and something we could initiate change in the simplest way, was to pick up the trash on the shoreline and the rural roads that we often stepped over or past with disgust. This was no great feat and for years there have been many humans doing their part. But for us, this is our part, this is a positive spin on a very odd time in all of our lives, perhaps a happier memory from this chapter.

To take this further, our founders thought, ‘how great to make this an incentive program’.
The plan is this:

We will create an incentive program for our film crew, that on one day during the course of production, you take the time and energy to pick up some trash in the area, you shoot video, take pictures, do it as a group, post it to social media and show your part.

In turn, TIFC producers will reward you. Our goal is to also return the favor to local businesses. We will be seeking gift cards from local businesses to reward our stewards. A small stipend and thank you for doing your part and making Idaho and Sandpoint a more beautiful place.

See the inspiring Video:
Beach Comber