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When a teen in a small town is killed by a rogue alpha wolf, the deputy and 4 local teens attempt to solve the mystery, despite the misguided pursuits of the Sheriff.

A new teen in a small town join a group of local high school friends to check out a ‘haunted house’, through the paranormal experience the teens test each others’ will, build bonds and learn, ‘We are all a little Jacked -Up.’

A workaholic is abducted by a beautiful alien hybrid, through the encounter, they forge a unique relationship and he experiences an enlightening which will change his life.


Imagine having the soul of Aretha Franklin and the voice of Billie Holiday but the body of an elfin Asian-American accountant.  
That’s 27-year-old Leanne Cheng’s daily reality. 
In this ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ meets ‘Crazy Rich Asians’  family/comedy, Chang Chang Chaaang is the semi-autobiographical 
story which follows this aspiring unlikely soul songstress as she struggles to run the gauntlet between her burning desire to devote her life to music while navigating the obligations to her loving, traditional, dysfunctional family. 


H E A R T  O F  G L A S S

The Saul Alcarez Story