Our Pitch

Through the application of experienced filmmaking and film

viewing awareness we feel we can deliver quality entertaining
commercial films for a larger audience with a great potential for
mass distribution.


It is our goal to create a niche’ demand with a slate of feature films
and projects which have substance, style and story and rely on
good filmaking, good filmakers and good people.


As streaming services continue to multiply and compete for
viewers so does the demand for new and original content. It is
estimated that in 2020, 70% of households in the USA alone use 1 or more
types of streaming services with this expansion of service comes the
expansion of demand for new and original ideas and


This is all in addition to the age old theater distribution model which
continues to grow steadily through the digital age.

Executive Summary

– The Idaho Film Company is a feature film production company designed to make at

least 2 feature films per year in the Sandpoint, Idaho and surrounding area, with
eventual expansion to the entire state of Idaho.


– Sandpoint and North Idaho are full of untapped beautiful scenery along with idyllic
small towns which lends itself to a wide variety of story telling options. Having all
four seasons offers additional options which many competitive locations do not have.

– Access to airports and a range of luxury and affordable hotels and housing offerings;
5 star restaurants and recreation opportunities are plentiful.

– Idaho is a Right to Work state.

– Idaho offers tax incentives and credits for small business and tourism, as well as
credits for filming in Idaho through the Idaho Film Office in Boise.

– Affordable business license, expenses and corporate taxes.

– Affordable living expenses, skilled labor at reduced labor costs.

– Potential for 501C3 for education and on the job training.

– Bringing revenue and employment into the area during shoulder months and slow

– Utilizing and frequenting local businesses, offering employment and revenue for local
independent contractors.

– Low environmental impact.

– Low or no permit or location fees in Idaho.

– Low overhead: Small production company with limited full time employees.


– The philosophy and psychology of the Idaho Film Company is that of

collaboration, support and positive ideals.

– At TIFC, it is our goal to create a cohesive and positive atmosphere of business
and film-making. While discourse is encouraged, arguing is discouraged and
this will be written into the bylaws.

– All agreements and arrangements will be written and signed by all parties.
Anyone breaking the rules of the basic rules of civility, will be politely asked to

– When dealing with matters of money; all bills and invoices will be paid on time,
if not early in full with proper paperwork, accounting and accoutability to

– All agreements, from employees to contracts and contractorsd will be put in
writing and agreed upon by all members, no exceptions.

– It is our goal to run a transparent, upstanding company and filter out all those
who do not ascribe to this philosophy, no matter the situation and encourage a
solid and positive experience.

– Building a positive atmosphere of both employment and education, it is our goal
to manifest a creative and inspiring collective.


– Founder Jimmy Matlosz, with partners Mitch Fullerton, Sarah Priestnall combine
their skills and experience to make a diverse experience in film-making, business and technology.

– Bring in experienced key crew to establish quality and efficiency.

– Create a positive working experience for all involved, cater to needs of all involved, remove elitism and unbridled hierarchy.

– Entice A-list talent through hard work, positive philosophy and quality filmmaking.

– Offer participation points to cast and crew, when appropriate, needed or necessary.

– Bring business and jobs into the community, employ local labor, artisans and businesses in the making of the films.

– Train and hire local labor for support for minor and key job opportunities.

– Infuse the local economy with revenue during the film-making process, which can last anywhere from 15 – 60 days, and include expenses in the immediate area of an estimated $100k – $500k in the first few years of development.

– Diversification and expansion of distribution platforms: Netflix, Apple, Hulu, Amazon, will increase opportunities to distribute produced films.

– Establish a relationship with 3 distribution partners minimum, creating first look deals, based on ability to deliver and cater to market demand.

– Continue to research and develop self-distribution plan based on future distribution platforms and established pedigree.

– Utilize the PIXAR creative development platform to develop IP based on quality of story and viability, removing cronyism, nepotism and favoritism from the picture. Collectively controlling content, story, casting and vetting ideas.  In other words making great commercially viable films we can all collectively be proud of.

– Compared to other states with increased film production, Idaho is well poised as a contender for independent film production:  http://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/10 americas-top-states-for-business-2019.html

– Revenue based on estimated and actual pre-sales and profit from each film produced.  Beginning with low cost affordable films $250k-$500k, with a realistic projected profit potential.


It is our goal to establish a healthy relationship with one or more distribution outlets who share a cohesive and productive aesthetic with our founders.  As much as business is a compromise, it is also important that any business stay true to the entrepreneurs’ intent, maintaining a strong connection with the deliverables and a passion to continue to deliver at the highest quality.  With this in mind, it is important that the distribution outlets we partner with, share the same aesthetic and vision as our founder and filmmakers.


– Initial investment of $500k for start up and development The Idaho Film Company  and the first feature film.

– First slated film, Lycanthropy is currently being developed.

– Budget of first film estimated at $250-$350K, based on actuals from the Feature Film *F.E.A.R.

 – No salary for principal team unless and only when working on actual film production.

– Second film production dates based on ROI from first film but not contingent on and relative to additional investors and market demand.


 – *F.E.A.R. was produced in 2019, through Action Figure Entertainment http://

    www.actionfigureent.com/, Jimmy acted as cinematographer and maintains a 

    strong working relationship with producers Lucas Solomon, Blair Pennington and 

    Jason Tobias.  This film will serve a template and proof of concept for budget and 

    viability of quality film on a limited budget. All three producers have agreed to be 

    consultants  in the formation of The Idaho Film Company, support and associate 

    produce any future content.


–  To continue to develop and grow as a viable corporation TIFC will retain ownership of all IP, designated and distributed according to Intellectual 

    property rights and decided upon by intrinsic owners of IP.

 –  With an eye toward merchandising, from basic branding and swag, to extended development of produced IP including but not limited to 

      sequels, franchise and video games , TIFC will extend the opportunity for increased revenue which fits within the basic entreprenurial goal of 

      the company

 –  Sequel rights as IP will conform to legal rights set forth by standard IP agreements and shared accordingly and protected against any and all 

    unforseen loss of rights.

 –  Additional film production dates and IP based on ROI from previous films, additional investors and market demand, however not limited to.

 –  Currently there are several finished screenplays on slate for future production including but not limited to:


    Familiar Spirits

    Life on Earth

    The Smith’s

    Blood of Brothers

 –  A main and continued point of focuse will be engaging in consultation and dialogue with potential and established distributors, additional 

     market watch and analytics will be applied to increase potential successful releases and development, however this will not solely dictate 



Jimmy Matlosz


A 30 year veteran in the film making community, his experience as a cinematographer, director and technician on award-winning films, blockbusters, independents, documentaries, commercials and IMAX films is unparalleled.  Additionally his reputation and artistry are well respected and have continued to flourish. A self starter who forged a career on his own through hard work and applied experience, Jimmy is a published writer, mentor, consultant and teacher.


Mitch Fullerton


– An entrepreneur, film producer, and business coach, CEO Five by Five, conceptualizing and communicating vision to empower team members for the realization of goals. He was a founder of Northwest Film Institute, and was involved in successful business start-ups including two radio stations, three magazines, and a business coaching firm.  He owned and operated a commercial recording studio, a full-service marketing, advertising, and public relations firm, and the motion picture marketing company, Movietime Entertainment.


Jennifer Ekstrom




 – 25 years of experience in the AdTech industry, long before it had a name. Bill cofounded Wiredrive in 1999 which became the industry standard for online media sharing for Advertising production. Bill grew the sales team from 1 (him) to 10 and managed the sales operations infrastructure with Salesforce CRM, Zuora’s SaaS billing platform and Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform. In 2017 Wiredrive merged with its next biggest competitor MediaSilo and grew the company to 2000 clients before selling to a Private Equity Firm. Prior to Wiredrive, Bill founded Intranet Studio Ltd and created the TV industry’s first web-based promotions portal for CBS that still in use 24 years later.  Bill currently runs Signalhunter.io, a sales and marketing automation consultancy. He advises three startups and is managed by his wife and two daughters. Bill plays electric violin and upright bass, which helped him earn a platinum album (City of Angels, track 9).






We are focusing on Idaho investors, who see the potential to bring business and jobs to the Sandpoint and North Idaho area in a positive and productive working environment.  Ideally these investors see the potential for long term growth and expansion, from smaller, lower budget projects onward.   Initially all principal players will defer any salary or payments until production of the slated first feature, ‘LYCANTHROPY’, gets under way.

To appeal to potential investors we will be assembling a team of top notch professionals with proven track records in film-making.  We will be running a tight business, paying each employee a solid working salary and taking care of the employees like assets.  With any business, the initial stages are critical, with film-making it takes more than 3-4 people, it takes a team which can vary in size.  With that understanding each person involved will be a proactive, productive part of the film-making process, with the understanding of proper business hierarchy to assure focus and productivity.

We have assembled a list of potential investors in the immediate Sandpoint area, who we feel may have an interest in our business.  These investors were chosen, based on revenue streams, cross connection of business platforms and their reputation within the community.

The lure to an investor beyond ROI is tourism, each investor is chosen for the potential benefit to their own establish business and revenue stream.  

We are here to ask and answer question in regard to all and any aspects of the creation, investment and long term goal of TIFC.


 – Film production has a basic process, not unlike building a house. You begin with an idea, that idea gets fleshed out into a proper blueprint, it could be as simple as a collection of notes or as complex as a step by step, beginning to end, story idea or plan. 

 – Next comes the script, the actual blueprint, which all contractors work from to create the final product, or in this case, the actual film.  

 – Like blueprints, the screenplay is malleable, until certain parts are completed. Yes adjustable more so than a house, but best left to the original intent and limiting the micro-management of too many opinions.  

 – Pre-production is key! This is where the planning takes precedence down to the smallest details and inclusive of every detail and every day and every word.  This is where the script may endure the most changes in plausibility, story and quality.  Film-making is more in the prep than anything.

 – Film production can be anywhere from 15- 90 days relative to budget and resources, we believe the most comfortable schedule to be around 30 days of actual  filming (relative to budget).

 – Since film-making is still very much an organic process, which cannot be done only from a blueprint, there needs to be room for artistic interpretation and creativity, with that, we go back again to prep. 

 – A well prepped film allows freedom for creativity and flow.  We know from film studies that one thing connects the audience with the film more than anything and that is emotional delivery of dialogue and physical presence, some things just cannot be rushed or substituted, turned on and off on a whim. With a focus on this aspect, collectively and an understanding that the art of film-making is not factory work,  but relies heavily on cooperation  by all involved, we increase the odds of delivering the highest quality productions.



With this production company first and foremost we bring money and jobs into the area.


  – Make 2 films per year in and around Sandpoint and Northern Idaho.

  – Production will take place during the ’shoulder months’ when tourism is slow and businesses could benefit from the revenue.

  – A film production can bring anywhere from $100k to $2.5M into the local economy within the first few years.

  – The area has a lot of local artisans, businesses, and freelance workers who could benefit from employment and utilization in the art of 


  – Distant hires will stay in hotels, film production will be renting locations such as homes, businesses and locations which will infuse revenue into 

     the economy.



  – Currently we have our first feature screenplay ‘Lycanthropy’ slated for a low budget production, estimated budget $250k.

  – We will build the reputation of The Idaho Film Company on the anticipated success of the first film.  

  – From that point we will increase budgets and profitability.



  – The tourism board offers tax breaks and incentives to films being made in the State of Idaho – tax breaks and incentives vary, but the goal is to 

     increase tourism, which is one of the main sources of income for many Idaho businesses.  



  – As we embark on this project, we will continue to hone the philosophy and business plan of The Idaho Film Company to entice local businesses 

     to invest and get involved.  

  – We will develop a business plan with an return on investment (ROI), to inspire all future investors.



  – Investors, depending upon their interest, will either earn their fair share of profit or be paid out in full, based on a profit and loss statement and 

     feasible payment process.

  – Once profits have been accrued, the principals of the Idaho Film Company, will then vote on how to disperse and share accordingly.  



  – When it comes to creatives rights also known as Intellectual Property (IP), proper channels of rights will be discussed, voted on and maintained 

     accordingly amongst principals of The Idaho Film Company.

  – All additional investors will be vetted by principals of The Idaho Film Company, to make sure all understand the potential and anticipated ROI,     

     as well as any rewards offered to any investor.

  – The principal members of The Idaho Film Company will have regular quarterly meetings with goals set in place, minutes kept and proper 

     business filing in the state of Idaho.


 Founder Jimmy Matlosz, relocated to Sandpoint, Idaho in the winter of 2009. Escaping Los Angeles for a better life for his children and embracing the small town mentality, fresh air and nature’s playground of his own youth.  Immediately after arriving Jimmy saw the potential for film production in the region, from the picturesque mountains rivers and streams, to the small towns that pepper the region, inspired architecture and the Americana feeling that permeates the area as well as all the four seasons which offer their own challenges but also beauty. It is like a beautiful painting in the making, a half finished Ansel Adams photo, full of potential at every turn, beauty in every direction and still possessing depth and inspiration of the human spirit.  

Truly a place where you immediately feel the comfort and warmth of the mountains, the people, the food and nature.  To make films here, for anyone, would be like being on vacation while you’re at work. Truly a majestic place of endless potential.  

Jimmy is a filmmaker, who has forged a career as a Cinematographer, Director and  Journalist, he has been immersed in film-making for close to 3 decades, his  aesthetic is steeped in real life experience, tangible textures and plausibility.