Through the application of experienced filmmaking and
film viewing awareness,
 we can deliver quality, entertaining commercial films
for a larger audience with a great potential for
mass distribution.


– The Idaho Film Company (TIFC) is a feature film production company designed to make at least 2 feature films per year in the Sandpoint,                

    Idaho and surrounding area, with eventual expansion to the entire state of Idaho.  

 –  Currently we have several finished screenplays on slate for future production including but not limited to:

    Burden of the Wolf

    Familiar Spirits

    Life on Earth

    The Smith’s

    Blood of Brothers



 – The Philosophy of TIFC is that of collaboration, support and positive ideals.  


 – The Psychology of TIFC is in building a positive atmosphere of both employment and education, it is our goal to manifest a creative and 

    inspiring collective. 


– Founder Jimmy Matlosz with partners Mitch Fullerton and Jennifer Ekstrom combine their skills and years of experience to make a diverse experience in filmmaking, business, technology and advocacy.

– Entice A-list talent through hard work, positive philosophy and quality filmmaking.

 – Bring business and jobs into the community, employ local labor, artisans and businesses in the making of films and film related projects.

– Infuse the local economy with revenue during the filmmaking process, which can last anywhere from 15 – 90 days and include expenses in the immediate range of an estimated $100k – $500k in the first few years of development.

– Diversification and expansion of distribution platforms: Netflix, Apple, Hulu, Amazon continue to increase opportunities to distribute produced films.

 – Establish a relationship with 3 distribution partners minimum, creating first look deals, based on ability to deliver and cater to market demand. 

– Revenue based on estimated and actual pre-sales and profit from each film produced.  Beginning with low cost affordable films in the $250k-$500k range with a realistic projected profit potential.


– Seeking initial investment of $500k for start up and development of The Idaho Film Company and  the first feature film.

– Budget of first film estimated at $250-$350K, based on actuals from the independent Feature Film *F.E.A.R.

 *F.E.A.R. was produced in 2019, through Action Figure Entertainment, 

Jimmy acted as cinematographer and maintains a strong working relationship with producers Lucas Solomon, 

Blair Pennington and Jason Tobias.  This film will serve a template and proof of concept for budget and viability 

of quality film on a limited budget. All three producers have agreed to be consultants in the formation of 

The Idaho Film Company, support and associate produce any future content.


    It is our goal to establish a strong working relationship with a minimum of three distribution outlets who share a cohesive and productive aesthetic with our founders.  Maintaining a strong connection with deliverables and a passion to deliver at the highest quality entertainment.  With this in mind, it is important that the distribution outlets we partner with share a cohesive aesthetic, belief and vision as our founders and filmmakers. 


–  To continue to develop and grow as a viable corporation, TIFC will retain ownership of all Intellectual Property (IP) rights designated and distributed according to IP rights and decided upon by intrinsic owners of IP.

–  With an eye toward merchandising, from basic branding and merchandising itself, to extended development of produced IP including but not limited to sequels, franchise and video games, TIFC will extend the opportunity for increased revenue which fits within the basic entrepreneurial goal of the company.

–  Sequel rights as IP will conform to legal rights set forth by standard IP agreements and shared accordingly and protected against any and all unforeseen loss of rights.


     Jimmy Matlosz


 A 30 year veteran in the filmmaking community, his experience as a cinematographer, director and technician on award-winning films, blockbusters, independents, documentaries, commercials and IMAX films is unparalleled.  Additionally his reputation and artistry are well respected and have continued to flourish. A self starter who forged a career on his own through hard work and applied experience, Jimmy is a published writer, mentor, consultant and teacher as well.

Mitch Fullerton


– An entrepreneur, film producer, and business coach with intrinsic talent for conceptualizing and communicating vision to empower team members for the realization of goals. He was a founder of Northwest Film Institute, and was involved in successful business start-ups including two radio stations, three magazines, and a business coaching firm.  He owned and operated a commercial recording studio, a full-service marketing, advertising, and public relations firm, and the motion picture marketing company, Movietime Entertainment.



We are focusing on Idaho investors who see the potential to bring business and jobs to the Sandpoint and North Idaho area through filmmaking, in a positive and productive working environment.  Ideally these investors see the potential for long term growth and expansion, from smaller lower budget projects onward.  

We have assembled a list of potential investors in the immediate Sandpoint area who we feel may have an interest in our business, who’s own businesses align with TIFC and as well could benefit from employment, tourism and revenue generated for and by TIFC.  These investors were chosen, based on revenue streams, cross connection of business platforms as well as their reputation within the community.

 We are here to ask and answer questions in regard to all and any aspects of the creation, 
  investment and long term goal of  The Idaho Film Company.


     – Make 2 films per year in and around Sandpoint and Northern Idaho.

     – Production will take place during the ’shoulder months’ when tourism is slow and businesses stand to benefit from increased revenue.

     – An independent film production can bring anywhere from $100k to $2.5M into the local economy within the first few years.

     – The area has a lot of local artisans, businesses and freelance workers who could benefit from employment potentially being utilized in the art of 


     – Distant hires will stay in hotels and patronage many restaurants and shops, film production itself will engage in renting locations such as 

        homes, businesses and filming locations which will infuse revenue into the economy.


     – Currently we have our first feature film ‘Burden of the Wolf’ slated for a production, estimated budget $250k -$350k.

     – We will build the reputation of The Idaho Film Company on the anticipated success of the first film.  

     – During the completion and timely release of the first film, a second film will be developed to establish a protocol and platform of performance 

       and delivery.


     – The tourism board offers tax breaks and incentives to films being filmed and made in the State of Idaho – tax breaks and incentives for small 

       businesses are also another option afforded such an entity as The Idaho Film Company.  


     – As we embark on this company, we will continue to hone the philosophy and business plan of  The Idaho Film Company to entice local 

       businesses to invest and get involved.  

     – We will develop a business plan with a return on investment (ROI), to inspire any future investors.


     – Investors, depending upon their interest, will either earn their fair share of profit or be paid out in full, based on profit and loss statements and  

       feasible payment process.

     – Once profits have been accrued, the principals of the Idaho Film Company, will then vote on how to disperse and share accordingly, as well as  

       continued pursuit of future investors.  


     – When it comes to creative rights, also known as Intellectual Property (IP), proper channels of rights will be discussed, voted on and maintained  

        accordingly amongst principals of The Idaho Film Company.

     – All additional investors will be vetted by principals of The Idaho Film Company to make sure all understand the potential and anticipated ROI, as 

       well as any additional rewards offered to any investor.

     – The principal members of The Idaho Film Company will have regular quarterly meetings with goals set in place, minutes kept and proper      

        business filing in the state of Idaho.