Welcome to The Idaho Film Company (TIFC)!
Idaho really is more than potatoes. Stunning vistas, breathtaking mountains, lovely humans
And now Filmmaking…
At least that’s our plan.

Our goal is to establish a successful production company for the purpose of creating films and commercials in Northern Idaho. We plan on bringing jobs and revenue into our communities while educating locals in the art of filmmaking. We’ve dubbed our little slice of heaven “the New Zealand of the North” and it’s all possible here.

Why North Idaho?

What’s that you say? When you think of moviemaking you don’t think of Idaho? Lol. We get it. But we intend on changing that. While Idaho and, more specifically, Northern Idaho may not seem like a movie-making mecca, there was a time when places like Atlanta, Austin, Louisiana and New Mexico weren’t top of mind when someone mentioned shooting films, television or commercials.

Consider that Idaho has everything. Unparalleled natural beauty, small towns, big cities, mountains, lakes and ALL FOUR SEASONS. As an added bonus, there is a growing talent pool of filmmaking professionals based here in Idaho. Plus, Los Angeles is just a short flight away, and in the same time zone, making it easy to bring in cast and crew when needed. Idaho offers low-cost filmmaking, from the biggest to the smallest projects, and all we ask is that you leave it better than you found it.