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Establish a successful and influential Production Company
for the purpose of making Movies & Commercials in North Idaho

Attract revenue and jobs into the community.

Employ and instruct local talent in the art of filmmaking.

Continued community outreach through jobs, education and mentoring.

Why North Idaho?

The simple answer would be,

Why NOT Idaho?

While Idaho and more specifically North Idaho may not look and sound like a Hollywood filmmaking Mecca,  there was a time when Atlanta, Austin, Louisiana and New Mexico weren’t either.  

Consider that Idaho has stunning views and locations, small towns, big cities, mountains, rivers and lakes as well as 4 seasons. Idaho offers unparalleled resources in the way of scenery far and above any of the aforementioned. 

Consider that Idaho is untapped and ripe for exploration.

Idaho has a growing talent pool of filmmaking professionals,
just like the far reaches of the planet, where you can find professionals almost anywhere now. Additionally Idaho offers low cost filmmaking from the biggest to the smallest projects.

All we ask is that you leave it better than you found it.