The Idaho Film Company is a dream become reality for Director and Cinematographer Jimmy Matlosz
Jimmy was inspired to create TIFC after more than a decade of commuting between Northern Idaho, Los Angeles and places like Atlanta, Switzerland, England and Australia. What he realized? Many of the projects could have just as easily been produced in Idaho.
So, in late 2019, Jimmy began to hatch a plan. Fueled by his experience lensing features and documentaries, helming hundreds of commercials and acting as a creative consultant, as well as penning his own screenplays, he started to lay the ground work to bring production to North Idaho. Smash cut to 2020 and a global pandemic that enabled him to really focus on his plan.
Jimmy launched The Idaho Film Company in May and, within weeks, landed a national spot for Pure Air Filters. Since then, TIFC has been involved with a number of productions.
Currently, TIFC is working to enlighten the filmmaking community about Idaho, and all it has to offer, while seeking investors to launch a slate of feature films. Our goal is to contribute to the arts, the environment and humanity… and have fun doing it along the way.